then comes the awesome tag check. Of course it's out of our price range - it's a cashmere turtleneck! Everyone knows they don't come cheap.

Category: Lifestyle     Written By: Eva William

Cashmere is the fabric that many of us want to feel wrapped up in on a cold day. The softness of the Mongolian cashmere sweater is something that most of us have done with our own hands, not because it stays in our own closets .We know the process very well, looking at a beautiful sweater in a department store, practically melting as we enjoy its softness; then comes the awesome tag check. Of course it's out of our price range - it's a cashmere turtleneck! Everyone knows they don't come cheap.
We know why Kashmir is so expensive, it is softer and stronger than wool. Also, Gentle Herd tells us that only 20,000 tons are harvested each year. But does it really have to be that expensive .The people of Gentle Herd prove that this is not the case even though they get their cashmere from some of the highest farms in the world. Transparent about the cost of each product as well as the ethical treatment of people and animals, the brand is dedicated to transforming the world of Kashmir.
So how do they do that? Although their content is expensive, the brand manages to keep production costs low and sells directly to consumers online .There's a bit of a mystery around the faces behind the Delaware and Hong Kong-based brand and when it happened - though they leave everything else in the open.

100% Wool Belted Wrap Coat
Wrap this coat and its craft with pure wool in a long line silhouette and wrap it with front closure to give a flattering look. The features of the seam and the shaped sleeves on the fallen shoulder make this coat perfect for everyday wear.

Wool Belted Coat
An improved design with a classic rap coat .This belted wool coat is a chic piece with a collar neckline, adjustable sleeve buttons, and a long line silhouette.

Oversize Wool Peacoat
The classic trench is re-imagined in a wool breast fabric double breasted silhouette. This style cuts with pure wool and detail straight silhouette, notched lapels, double breasted and flap pockets .A classic piece while maintaining the usefulness of stylish.

100% Wool Long Coat With Tailored Collar
This medium calf coat is made in pure wool which fits comfortably with a light cocoon silhouette. The wide, shaped sleeves and double breasted closure on a fallen shoulder make this coat the best everyday throw.

Single-Breasted Cashmere-Wool Coat
This coat is made of a mixture of luxurious cashmere and wool. Highlight the button closure and elevate the dress-inspired silhouette for warmth with a comfortable and chic key.